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How To Play

You'll need:

  1. WordBan cards
  2. Timer or a watch
  3. Paper and pen to record score

Form two teams of at least two players per team. Game begins with one member of a team picking a random card from the deck of WordBan cards. Each card has a word that should be guessed correctly to score a point. The player says words other than those listed to the teammates to have them guess the first word.

Each card also contains four banned words which cannot be used to give clues. A violation to this rule is usually booed by opposing team and the current card is skipped. A team can shout as many guesses, relevant or irrelevant, as they want with no penalties. Once the team identifies the correct word, player moves to the next card. A team tries to score on as many cards as possible in the allotted time. When the time is up next team plays. Each player takes turns at leading their team. Team with maximum points wins the game.

Family Game Night: Taboo Is the "Fun" Thinking Game

Educators are always telling us how important it is to spend time together as a family, engaged in fun and educational activities. Family Game Night, once something families did regularly, was reinvented when it became apparent that too many children were spending all their free time in front of televisions and then video games and computers.

Taboo is an excellent choice for a family night of fun. It blends in subtle thinking skills with fun and a race against time. It fosters quick thinking skills, problem solving and out of the box thinking. The added intensity of trying to beat the clock teaches kids to work under pressure, a skill most of us need in life. Once you have worked your way through the cards that come with the game, you can purchase additional taboo refill cards.

How to Play

Each card has a word your partner or team must guess. Also listed on the card are five words that cannot be said. The main word and clue words are “Taboo.” If you say them, your team loses points. You must think of other ways to get your team to guess the main word, all while the timer is running.

Team A chooses a clue-giver who sits facing his teammates so they cannot see the card. Team B sits behind the clue-giver so they can see the card and determine if any of the Taboo words are said. The timer is started and the clue-giver starts give hints to the word while his teammates shout out their answers. Points are added for correct answers and deducted for using Taboo words. If the team guesses the main word and there is still time left, another card is drawn and more clues are given. When the timer runs out, the play passes to Team B and seats are exchanged. When everyone has had a turn to be a clue-giver, the game is over. Points are totaled and a winner declared.

Taboo Refill Cards

The cards are the key to the game. Each card has a set of words on both sides. Once you finish one side, you can flip them over and use the other sides. If your family enjoys the game, you will probably end up going through both sides relatively quickly and will need to order taboo refill cards.

Hasbro first released the game in 1989. The game is still available from Hasbro. In 1990, they sold refill packs of the cards but not since. Now you have to find online sources for taboo refill cards. These are downloadable and printable. For just a few dollars, you can extend the life of the game for years to come.

Taboo Makes a Great Party Game

What does it take to throw a great party? Obviously you have to have excellent refreshments – food and beverages appropriate to the age of guests. A little music can help set the mood of the party but it takes something more to make a party memorable. Party games are the answer and Taboo is one of the best. One of the great things about the game is the printable Taboo cards. With these you can keep the party going for hours.

Thrill of the Game

Taboo is a great game for groups of people. Teams of four or five compete against one another for points by guessing a specific word without saying any of the “taboo” words. The results create some hilarious fun. People try to come up with hints and clues without using the banned words and fumble all over themselves, making the game a real hoot.

Playing at a Party

Divide your guests into groups of four or five. You’ll need pencil and paper for keeping score, a minute timer and printable Taboo cards. Team A selects someone to give clues to the other members of his team. The timer starts and he starts giving clues. Team B sits behind the clue-giver so they can see his cards and keep him honest. If any of the banned words are said, Team B calls it out and a point is deducted from Team A’s score. If Team A guesses the word and still has time left, they can continue with more cards until they exhaust their time. Each correct guess earns a point. Play passes from team to team until every member of every team has had the opportunity to be the clue giver. The team with the most points wins. Ties can be settled with another round.

About the Cards

The printable Taboo cards are what make the game work. Each card has a guess word and five related words. The idea is get your team to guess the main word without saying it or any of the five related words. For example, if the main word is Garden, the other words might be greenhouse, plants, cultivate, yawn and yard.

Giving clues without saying those words might be really challenging. You could say:

“The White House has a Rose one.”

“There is one at Madison Square.”

These samples may sound easy but when the timer is ticking and the pressure is on, it can be challenging to come up with the clues. Printable taboo cards give you hundreds of word groups to play with and make a party for any age group more memorable.

What Is So Challenging about the Game Taboo?

Taboo is a thinking person’s game. If you are good under pressure, able to think out of the box, this is the game for you. It will challenge you with every turn of the Taboo game cards. The game appeals to kids and adults alike but what is the draw?

The Clues

In order to play Taboo, you need at least two teams with at least two players on each. One player gives clues to the members of his team based on the Taboo game cards. Each card has a word to be guessed and five related words – all of which are “taboo.” That is, the clue-giver cannot say them. For example if your guess word is Deli, the five Taboo words might be kosher, pastrami, sandwich, food and eat.

You can see where getting your teammates to say “deli” without using those words might be challenging. You have to think fast to score this point. There are some rules about clues like not using any part of the taboo words in your clue or not using words that rhyme with the taboo words. These rules simply add to the challenge of the game.

The Timing

Pressure is a critical component of the fun in this game. The more words you guess correctly before time runs out the higher your score goes. If your team guesses the first word and there is time left, you can go on to other cards until time runs out. This puts a great deal of pressure on the clue-giver. He must come up with meaningful clues in a hurry or risk letting time run out on his team.

Naturally, the teammates have to be quick as well. Even the greatest clues are meaningless if the team cannot figure out the relationship and guess the word. Sometimes the pressure of the timer creates a mental block.

The Competition

The fever of competition ramps up the excitement of playing Taboo. Whether the teams are boys against girls, children against parents or some other mix, everyone wants to beat the other guys. And no one wants to let down their team. A little healthy competition is good now and then. It keeps us sharp and alert.

When you couple the competition with the timing and the rules regarding the clues, it is easy to see how playing with Taboo game cards can be exciting and challenging. Taboo is great for family game night, a party or just killing time.

Play Taboo to Break Your Television Addiction

Watching television is just about the greatest pastime there is in terms of the amount of time spent actually doing it. We spend hours every day camped in front of the television, often watching reruns or other mind-numbing shows. Sometimes the compulsion to watch can be strong. You can ease yourself out of the habit buy playing Taboo. Start by playing on commercials and soon you’ll be playing all the time.

What Is Taboo?

Taboo is a thinking game that is played in 1-minute rounds, making it perfect for those commercial interruptions of your favorite TV shows. It is played with a minimum of two two-player teams and can accommodate larger groups as well, making it a fun addition to your Superbowl or Oscar night parties too. Though in the case of the latter two, you wouldn’t want to curb anyone’s enthusiasm for the main event!

Using Taboo cards, each team selects a person to give clues to the other members of the team. The hitch is that the person giving the clues must avoid saying the five words also listed on the card which are related to the main word. These six words are taboo. The words he can get his team to guess during the one-minute timespan, the higher the score goes. When the timer runs out, the other team takes its turn.

How to Play During Television

Set up the game by dividing into teams before your program begins. When the commercial break occurs, Team A’s clue-giver starts by drawing one of the Taboo cards. He flips the timer over and starts giving clues while his teammates try to guess the main word. They keep guessing until the timer runs out, racking up points for every word guessed correctly. If the commercial break is long enough, Team B may take their turn. Otherwise they can wait until the next commercial break.

Play continues in this manner until each member has had a turn to be the clue giver. If there are only two players per team, you may want to have each person be the clue giver two or three times before ending the round. Taboo cards can be purchased and downloaded on the Internet.

Ease Away from the TV

As the play gets going, you’ll find your friends and family become more engrossed in the game than in the show they were watching. The challenge of the clue giving, the pressure of the timer and the steady flow of adrenaline as the competition heats up, keeps everyone engaged and participating. It can be a mentally stimulating alternative to another night of Full House.

Tips for Playing Taboo

Taboo is a fast-paced thinking game that pits two teams against each other and the clock in an effort to guess the correct words and boost their scores. It is a wonderful family game and entertaining at parties too. While the rules are easy to understand, there are some strategies that can help give you an edge over your opponents. Using the Taboo game refill cards and these tips, you can play this game for ages.

The Basics

Two teams face off against one another, each starting with a designated clue-giver for the first round. He draws one of the taboo game refill cards and reads the main word and the associated five clue words. For example, the guess word could be Apple and the five related words might be red, fruit, crisp, tree and fall. None of these words can be said by the clue-giver. The timer is started and he begins giving clues. His teammates shout out guesses as fast as they can. As one card is guessed, another is drawn until the timer runs out. The more words guessed correctly, the better. Then play passes to the second team and continues in this way until each member of each team has had a turn as clue-giver.

The Tips

There are several things you can do to improve your chances of winning. Many of them involve putting together a good team.

1. Choose family members, particularly spouses to be on the same team. They have shared experiences and can give hints like “We saw this play in New York” or “The phone in your office is this color.”

2. Have one or two trivia buffs on the team. Movie fanatics, music lovers, any type of trivia expert could come in handy.

3. Pay attention when it is the other teams turn. Listen carefully for the banned words from their taboo game refill cards. If you hear one of these words, speak up and your team earns a point.

4. Know when to pass. It will cost you a point to pass on a taboo game refill card but it’s better than wasting your allotted time if you know you can’t come up with meaningful clues for your teammates.

5. Think of famous things that could help the members of your team associate with the word. For instance if your word is “tower,” clues like “Paris has the Eiffel” or “Chicago has the Sears” could help people get the word quickly.

6. Take advantage of multiple meaning words. If the word on any of the taboo game refill cards you draw contain a word that has more than one meaning, like “crane,” use clues that give all the meanings. You could say “It is a piece of construction equipment and a bird.”

7. Avoid using any part of the taboo words in your clue. Do not use gestures, sound effects or rhyming words either as these can all lose a point for your team.

Taboo Stimulates Creative Thinking

Many of our hobbies and pastimes are simply recreational and relaxing and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all need a break now and then. Sometimes a pastime can be more though and that is the case with the game Taboo. Download taboo cards from the Internet and you, your family and friends can play a game that will exercise your creative thinking muscle.

How the Game Works

The game is played with teams of at least two people each. One person draws a card and then gives clues to his team. The goal is to get them to guess the word listed on the card without saying any of the other five “taboo” words listed on the card too. Correct guesses earn the team points and they get to keep playing until the timer runs out. Then play switches to the other team.

Using the Old Bean

The premise sounds simple enough. You get a word and you give clues. It’s like any number of other games out there. The catch is the five taboo words on the card are the most common ones you would use to give clues. When you download Taboo cards, for example, one of the cards might have the main word as flowers and the five taboo words might be garden, vase, colors, yard and bouquet.

Without those words at your disposal, it might be more challenging to give clues. This can be a great way to expand your vocabulary. Words like blossoms, blooms and the names of specific flowers like roses, tulips, orchids would all be acceptable clues.

Another way to work the clues would be to categorize the types of clues that could be given. This could be famous places, names of books or movies, something that would relate to the main word. For our example of flowers, if we were to use books, the clues might be “Blank for Algernon” or “Blank in the Attic.” For movies, you might use “Harrison’s blank” or “Blank of War”.

For an even more creative way to use the words, try associating them geographically. Flowers could be described as “What Holland is known for” or “Botanical gardens are filled with these.”

Whether you want to sharpen your own thinking skills, match wits with your friends or help your children learn to broaden their vocabularies, Taboo can help. Download Taboo cards, grab a pencil and some paper and a minute timer and you’re all set to enter the world of creative thinking while having fun with your loved ones.

Taboo, a Great Game to Download

Hasbro came out with one of the most unique games in 1989, Taboo. It is still available today both online and in many retail toy outlets. The main component of the game is the cards. Because the game is so much fun to play, many players get through the cards quickly and then have nowhere to turn for more play action. Fortunately, to get more taboo game cards, download options are available.

What Makes the Game Great?

Taboo is a fast-paced, high intensity team game. Teams of two or more square off against one another to prove who has the greatest command of the English language. Add to the mix a time limit and the fun just keeps happening.

How Is It Played?

Taboo game cards, downloaded from the Internet, are added to the deck. This is not necessary but without them, you will run out game cards in a short period of time. Then each team selects a clue giver. This player draws the first word card and starts the timer. He is prohibited from saying the main word or any of the other five words shown on the Taboo card. These words are words associated with the main word. Since he cannot say them without forfeiting points and the card, the clue-giver must come up with other means of getting his teammates to guess the main word, all while the sands of the hour glass fall.

The first team keeps playing until the time has run out. Play then passes to the other team. Each team tries to score as many correct guesses, worth one point each, without saying the banned words which cost one point each. Play continues until each member of both teams has had a turn to give clues. The winner is the team with the highest score.

Make the Fun Last

When you need more Taboo game cards, download them from a site like For just a few dollars, you can add more than 1100 new words to the game. This will keep you playing for a long time. You can even download Taboo game cards and use your own timer, pencil and paper to play without owning the original game. You can find rules and everything you need to know right on the site. You can also find tips for improving game play. With Taboo, you can enjoy family game night or make your next party more memorable.